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Miss Juliette


Somatic Sex Coaching
I am a trained and certified somatic sex coach (sexological bodywork, founded by Dr Josef Kramer). This method focuses on expanding the client’s potential for sensual and sexual enjoyment, as well as exploring special topics of interest such as orgasm and arousal or whole-body awareness. It can include techniques such as orgasmic yoga, genital kung-fu or the “big draw”. My interests in somatic sex education and erotic coaching have taken me to workshops around the world focusing on sexuality and body awareness, frequently in combination with dance (contact improvisation).

Kinky Theatre
Roleplay can be a fun way to indulge in your fantasies and live them to the full. Relax and let me take the lead. Allow yourself to be seduced by a confident woman who knows what she wants. I am open to all kinds of kinky ideas and scenarios and love to prepare the setting with props and costumes. Would you like to apply for a job at my British company? I will take pleasure in assessing your abilities. Or feel free to book an appointment with Doctor Juliette. As a certified sex coach, I will test your stamina and potential for passion. Or discover my special powers as a secret agent. I very much enjoy dominating you. I lead firmly but with playful empathy, using your body for my own pleasure. But I can also take as good as I give, should you wish to turn the game around. Switches and dominant gentlemen are also very welcome.

Ritual Play
A non-verbal, impulse-driven, playful, embodied and authentic (erotic) interaction. Ritual Play is a special format developed by Marina Kronovist. After training with her in Finland, I am thrilled to be able to offer this method of intimate encounter that is completely free of goals or agenda.

Sensual Massage & Tantra
I enjoy touching your body. As a masseuse, I know how to help you relax with oil and a gentle or strong touch. I specialize in dominant massage, sensual, playful tantra massages, kinky massages including golden showers, anal and prostate massages and long slow cock or yoni massages.

Conscious Touch Coaching
I am happy to teach you sensual massage skills or other special techniques involving quality touch, so you can give me or another partner as much pleasure as I give you. I believe that learning conscious touch and presence are just as important as the massage strokes or techniques themselves.

Hetaera & Muse
I love to meet new people, especially ones whose paths I would not normally cross in my everyday life. I like to dress in my favourite outfit, or treat myself to a wellness day, in anticipation of our date. Long, intense conversations, sharing common interests or embarking on new adventures together – all this inspires me and gives me great pleasure. I enjoy romantic, sensual and passionate dates accompanied by a delicious dinner, a theatre or concert visit, or even travel. I also like to meet regularly, building up a relationship of trust, intimacy and mutual erotic exploration.

*Please note that a tantra massage or sexological bodywork (certified) involves one-way touch (practitioner to client). Both methods are subject to a code of ethics. If you prefer to exchange touch, a sensual massage exchange, a kinky roleplay or erotic coaching could be more suitable for you. Ritual Play involves the possibility of two-way touch, however excluding the genital area. Nakedness with underpants is welcome in Ritual Play.